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Quasi Skateboards emerged after the dissolution of Alien Workshop in 2014. Since its launch in 2015, Quasi has become a sought-after brand in skateboarding, known for their unique aesthetic and commitment to quality.

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Quasi Skateboards has established itself

As a prominent name in the skateboard industry, known for its high-quality skateboard decks and unique aesthetic. With a clear focus on creativity and innovation, Quasi has become a brand that skateboarders worldwide turn to for products that combine function, style, and artistic expression.

Unique Design and Aesthetic

One of the most prominent aspects of Quasi Skateboards is their unique design. They place great emphasis on aesthetics and create skateboard decks that are not only technically advanced but also visually appealing. Using bold colors, innovative patterns, and often artistic collaborations, Quasi creates boards that are as much artworks as they are sporting equipment.

High-Quality Materials and Manufacturing

Quasi Skateboards only use the best materials in the manufacturing of their skateboard decks. They understand the importance of durability, flexibility, and responsiveness in a skateboard deck, and therefore choose materials that not only withstand heavy use but also provide optimal performance. Their manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure that each deck meets the high standards expected by both beginners and experienced riders.

Innovation and Function

Alongside their focus on design and quality, Quasi is also known for its innovation in skateboard technology. They constantly strive to improve their products by experimenting with new shapes, sizes, and construction techniques. This approach ensures that Quasi Skateboards always stays at the forefront when it comes to functionality and performance.

Engagement in Skateboard Culture

Quasi is deeply committed to skateboard culture and actively supports the scenes and communities where they operate. They often collaborate with skateboarders, artists, and designers to create products that reflect the dynamic and ever-changing world of skateboarding. This commitment to skateboard culture is a central part of their identity and brand.

Global Brand with Local Roots

Despite their global presence, Quasi Skateboards maintains a strong connection to their local roots. They work closely with local skateboarders and communities to ensure that their products and initiatives are relevant and contribute positively to skateboard culture on both a local and global level.


Quasi Skateboards represents a perfect blend of creativity, quality, and innovation in the skateboard industry. Through their uniquely designed and technically advanced skateboard decks, as well as their commitment to skateboard culture, they have cemented their position as a preferred choice for skateboarders who value both style and performance.

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