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adidas Skateboarding combines the heritage and innovation of adidas with the unique needs of skateboarders, offering a range of footwear, apparel, and accessories designed to meet the demands of this high-impact sport. With a commitment to style, performance, and sustainability, adidas Skateboarding has become a go-to choice for skateboarders of all levels, embodying the spirit of creativity and individuality that defines skate culture.

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Adidas Skateboarding - A Fusion of Sport and Street Style

Adidas Skateboarding is a division within the well-known sportswear brand Adidas, specifically focused on skateboarding. Blending Adidas' classic sports heritage with a deep understanding of skateboard culture, Adidas Skateboarding offers products that are both high-performing and stylish.

History and Philosophy of Adidas Skateboarding

Adidas Skateboarding was founded in response to the growing popularity of skateboarding culture and the need for specialized products for skateboarders. The brand has since committed itself to developing shoes and apparel that meet the demands of skateboarding while retaining Adidas' renowned design and quality.

Shoes and Apparel for Skateboarders

At the core of Adidas Skateboarding's product line are their skateboarding shoes, designed for optimal comfort, durability, and performance. These shoes combine technical innovation with practical design, making them a popular choice among skateboarders worldwide. In addition to shoes, Adidas Skateboarding also offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, from t-shirts and hoodies to pants and jackets.

Adidas Skateboarding and Professional Skateboarders

Adidas Skateboarding isn't just popular among hobbyists but also has a strong presence in professional skateboarding. The brand sponsors numerous professional skateboarders and is often involved in major skateboarding events and competitions, affirming its commitment and impact within the sport.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

A crucial aspect of Adidas Skateboarding is its focus on quality and innovation. Through continuous research and development, they strive to improve their products and provide skateboarders with the best possible equipment for their sport.

Adidas Skateboarding and Skateboard Culture

Adidas Skateboarding celebrates and supports skateboard culture through its products and collaborations. The brand actively works to promote and support skateboarding as both a sport and a lifestyle, solidifying its significance within the skateboarding world.


Adidas Skateboarding is a perfect blend of Adidas' sports heritage and a genuine understanding of skateboard culture. With its high-quality, innovative, and stylish product line, Adidas Skateboarding continues to be a favorite among skateboarders, significantly contributing to the development and popularity of the sport.

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