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Founded by Charles Rivard, a full-time employee with Dime and skater for Alltimers, Classic Griptape from Montreal brings a touch of humor to the skate scene. Charles, also known as Chuck, has contributed graphic designs to Quartersnacks, Alltimers, and Dime. Classic Grip doesn't take itself too seriously, producing playful apparel to maintain a lighthearted vibe. The brand has even collaborated with Toronto-based tastemakers Sneeze, adding a unique flair to their collection.

Classid Grip

Classic Grip: A Brand for Skate Lifestyle

Classic Grip offers a range of products perfect for skateboard enthusiasts and those who appreciate a relaxed yet style-conscious lifestyle. Their lineup includes t-shirts, socks, beanies, and hoodies, all designed with a classic skate influence.

Attitude-packed T-shirts

Classic Grip's t-shirts are renowned for their high-quality cotton and comfortable fit, making them an ideal choice for both active skating and everyday wear. Their designs are often simple yet expressive, featuring logos and graphic prints that reflect the spirit of skate culture.

Socks for Every Occasion

Classic Grip socks are both functional and stylish. Designed to provide comfort and support during long days on the board, they feature reinforced areas for extra durability. Additionally, they add a playful touch to any outfit with their unique patterns and color combinations.

Beanies for All Seasons

Classic Grip beanies are a must-have in every skateboarder's wardrobe. Not only do they offer protection against cooler weather, but they also serve as a trendy accessory suitable for all styles. Made of soft, durable materials, these beanies are perfect for keeping your head warm and your style on point.

Hoodies Combining Comfort and Style

Classic Grip hoodies are both comfortable and versatile. Made of high-quality materials that keep you warm and are durable enough to withstand the rigors of active skateboarding, these hoodies feature a relaxed fit and cool design, perfect for creating a laid-back yet put-together look.

High-Quality Griptapes from Classic Grip

Classic Grip has established itself as a reliable and highly regarded player in the skateboarding world. Known for its high-quality griptapes, Classic Grip is a favorite among skateboarders worldwide, from beginners to professionals. Their products are designed to provide optimal grip and durability, making them a necessary accessory for every skateboard.

Quality and Functionality with Classic Grip

Classic Grip is synonymous with quality. Their griptape is made of durable materials that ensure long-lasting durability and consistent performance. Additionally, they offer an excellent balance between grip and maneuverability, crucial for good control and safety during skating.

Design and User-Friendliness

In addition to its functional features, Classic Grip also has an eye for design. They offer a range of griptapes with different aesthetic expressions, from classic black to more colorful and patterned options. This allows skateboarders to customize their boards according to personal taste while still getting reliable performance.

Classic Grip and Skateboard Culture

Classic Grip is deeply rooted in skateboard culture and understands the importance of supporting skateboarders at all levels. Through its involvement in the skate community and its events, they contribute to promoting and developing the sport.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

As environmental awareness increases, Classic Grip strives to reduce its environmental impact. By using more sustainable materials and improving its manufacturing processes, they demonstrate their commitment to a more sustainable future.

Why Choose Classic Grip?

Choosing Classic Grip means prioritizing quality and performance. For skateboarders seeking griptape that provides both excellent grip and long-lasting durability, Classic Grip is the obvious choice. Additionally, their commitment to skateboard culture and the environment makes them a responsible and respected brand.


Classic Grip offers products that combine quality, functionality, and style. With its focus on sustainability and active participation in the skate community, Classic Grip is more than just a brand; it is an essential part of skateboard culture. For those seeking the best in griptape, Classic Grip is the obvious choice.