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Welcome to Jacuzzi unlimited skateboard equipment, founded by none other than Louie Barletta. After over 20 years with Enjoi, he's forging his own path, crafting high-quality skateboards alongside names like Tony Latham, Gus Bus, Daniel Dubois, and John Dilo. Speaking of Dilo, he delivers a masterful finale in Jacuzzi's debut video titled 'Monnie.

Jacuzzi Unlimited

Jacuzzi Unlimited - A Fresh Breath in the Skateboarding World

Jacuzzi Unlimited, a brand created by enjoi veteran and professional skateboarder Louie Barletta along with former enjoi team manager Jeff Davis, is a newcomer to the skateboarding scene that has successfully captured the essence of the classic enjoi brand. With a focus on fun skating and an inclusive "everyone is welcome" mentality, Jacuzzi Unlimited represents a playful and community-oriented approach to skateboarding.

Jacuzzi Unlimited's Heritage and Philosophy

Jacuzzi Unlimited builds upon enjoi's legacy by preserving its original spirit. The brand emphasizes the importance of fun and accessible skating, striving to create a welcoming environment where everyone, regardless of skill level, can feel included. This philosophy is reflected in their product range and brand identity.

High-Quality Products

Jacuzzi Unlimited offers high-quality professional and team skateboard decks, as well as a selection of clothing and skateboard boards that reflect their unique style and values. Their products are designed to meet the needs of both experienced riders and beginners, and each item is an expression of the brand's core values.

Available Online with Us

Jacuzzi Unlimited's products are easily accessible online with us, making it convenient for customers to explore and purchase their range. By offering their products on a platform like Streetworld, Jacuzzi Unlimited reaches a broader audience and simplifies the shopping experience for skateboarding enthusiasts.

A Brand That Stands for Community

At the core of Jacuzzi Unlimited is the creation of a community within skateboarding. They strive to unite people through their shared passion for the sport, and their "everyone is welcome" mentality contributes to a more inclusive and diverse skateboard culture.

Explore Jacuzzi Unlimited and Become Part of the Culture

By exploring Jacuzzi Unlimited's products, customers have the opportunity to become part of a unique and inclusive skate culture. Jacuzzi Unlimited is more than just a skateboard brand; it's a movement that celebrates the joy and community within skateboarding.


Jacuzzi Unlimited represents a refreshing and inclusive attitude towards the skateboarding world, with roots deeply anchored in enjoi's original spirit. With its high-quality products and commitment to a fun and welcoming skate culture, Jacuzzi Unlimited has quickly become an appreciated part of the skateboarding community.

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