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JESSUP THE ORIGINAL® GRIPTAPE. Jessup's patented five-star quality formula is used by more professionals and hardcore skaters than any other tape. Designed with an aggressive adhesive system, Jessup sticks to your board no matter what!

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Jessup: A Leading Player in Skateboard Griptape

Jessup is a well-known name in the skateboarding world, particularly recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of griptape for skateboarders. Since its inception, Jessup has been a pioneer in the industry, establishing itself as a favorite among skateboarders due to the high quality and reliability of its products.

Jessup Griptape: Quality and Reliability

Jessup griptape is renowned for its superior grip and durability. Manufactured to meet the demands of both amateur and professional skateboarders, Jessup offers an optimal balance between grip and durability. Their griptape ensures that riders get the necessary grip to perform tricks and maintain control over their skateboard.

Design and User-Friendliness

Jessup griptape is not only functional but also user-friendly. It is easy to apply to the skateboard deck and offers a smooth surface that is gentle on shoes. Additionally, with its discreet and clean appearance, it complements all types of skateboard decks.

Jessup and Skateboard Culture

Jessup has a strong commitment to skateboard culture. By constantly developing and improving their products, they contribute to skateboarders' performance and enjoyment of the sport. Their long history and dedication to the skateboard world have made them a trusted and respected manufacturer.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

Jessup is also known for its commitment to sustainability issues. They strive to reduce environmental impact through their production processes and use environmentally friendly materials where possible, making their griptape a responsible choice for environmentally conscious skateboarders.

Why Choose Jessup Griptape?

Choosing Jessup griptape means choosing a product that is tested and reliable, used by skateboarders worldwide. Regardless of your skill level, Jessup griptape provides the necessary stability and control to enhance your skateboarding.


Jessup is more than just a griptape manufacturer; they are an integral part of skateboard culture. With their focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, Jessup continues to be a leading player in the skateboard industry and a favorite among skateboarders worldwide.

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