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Ace Trucks AF1 Purple Satin 44 Trucks - 8.25" Purple 1
Ace Trucks AF1 Purple Satin 44 Trucks - 8.25" Purple 2

AF1 Purple Satin 44 Trucks - 8.25"

799 kr
The ACE AF1 features game-changing performance without deviating from our original Ace geometry. The AF1 is carefully manufactured using our proprietary casting process. Years in development, the ACE AF1 has a 70% increase in the aluminum’s structural integrity, making it the strongest and longest lasting cast truck on the market.Top Bushing: 12mm tall | 91a hardnessBottom Bushing: Bottom 14mm tall | 86a hardness
  • Refined suspension for a cleaner turn.
  • Color: Purple
    AF1 Purple Satin 44 Trucks - 8.25"
    AF1 Purple Satin 33 Trucks - 8"

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    Ace Trucks Truckar - 8.25" AF1 Purple Satin 44

    Ace Trucks has been a cornerstone of the skateboarding community for decades, and their latest offering, Ace Trucks Truckar - 8.25" AF1 Purple Satin 44, is a real game-changer. With sharpened technology and years of development, the AF1 is ready to revolutionize the way skaters approach their riding.

    The strongest cast truck on the market

    One of the most impressive features of Ace Trucks Truckar - 8.25" AF1 Purple Satin 44 is its strength. Thanks to a proprietary casting process that has been in development for several years, the AF1 has a 70% increase in the structural integrity of aluminum, making it the strongest and most durable cast truck on the market. This increased strength means that the AF1 can handle even the most intense skate sessions and provide skaters with a reliable and durable option they can trust.

    Unmatched performance

    In addition to its strength, Ace Trucks Truckar - 8.25" AF1 Purple Satin 44 also offers unmatched performance. Designed with Ace's original geometry, the AF1 can provide skaters with a ride that is both stable and responsive, allowing for maximum control and precision. The AF1 also comes with top and bottom bushings carefully selected to provide perfect support and rebound. The top bushing is 12mm high with a hardness of 91a, while the bottom bushing is 14mm high with a hardness of 86a, making it ideal for Swedish style skateboarding.

    A stylish addition to any setup

    Finally, it's worth noting that Ace Trucks Truckar - 8.25" AF1 Purple Satin 44 is also a stylish addition to any setup. The purple satin finish is eye-catching and unique, making it an excellent choice for skaters who want to stand out from the crowd. Overall, Ace Trucks Truckar - 8.25" AF1 Purple Satin 44 is an excellent choice for skaters who demand the best in strength, performance, and style. With its game-changing technology and years of development behind it, the AF1 is set to become one of the most sought-after trucks on the market.

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    Ace Trucks: A Key Component for Skateboarders

    Ace Trucks is a well-established brand in the skateboard industry, known for manufacturing high-quality skateboard trucks. These trucks are crucial for the skateboard's performance, and Ace Trucks has become a favorite among skateboarders for their durability, quality, and precision.

    Quality and Performance of Ace Trucks

    Ace Trucks are designed to provide optimal performance and durability. They are made from high-quality materials and undergo careful testing to ensure the best possible quality. Their trucks offer a perfect balance between flexibility and stability, making them ideal for both street and vert riding.

    Design and Functionality

    Ace Trucks are not only known for their high performance but also for their stylish design. They offer a wide range of colors and styles, allowing skateboarders to customize their boards to their liking. Additionally, Ace Trucks are designed to be lightweight without compromising strength, providing a smoother and more controlled riding experience.

    Popular Among Skaters of All Levels

    Both professional and amateur skateboarders appreciate Ace Trucks for their reliable performance and quality. They are a popular choice for skateboarders of all levels, from beginners to experienced pros, making them a reliable option regardless of the rider's experience level.

    Durability and Long Lifespan

    One of the significant advantages of Ace Trucks is their long-lasting durability. They are manufactured to withstand tough use and last a long time even under demanding conditions. This means skateboarders can trust that their trucks will endure through many rides.


    Ace Trucks are a crucial component for every skateboarder seeking quality and reliability. With their superior construction, stylish design, and durable materials, Ace Trucks stand out as a top player in skateboard trucks. They provide the support and performance needed to take your skateboarding to the next level.

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