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Antihero Skateboards Skateboard Team Shaped Eagle Scallywag 9" Multi color 1
Antihero Skateboards Skateboard Team Shaped Eagle Scallywag 9" Multi color 2

Skateboard Team Shaped Eagle Scallywag 9"

999 kr
Skateboard Team Shaped Eagle Scallywag 9". 7-ply maple. Width: 9.0". Length: 31.5". Wheelbase :15.0" Griptape included.
  • 9" x 31.5"
  • Color: Multi color

    Product info

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    Antihero Skateboards: Authentic Gear for Skateboarding

    Founded by Julien Stranger and John Cardiel in 1995, Antihero is synonymous with a rebellious spirit and uncompromising attitude within the skateboarding culture. Antihero understands the unique combination of style and performance required to excel in the streetwear and skateboarding world. The collections of skateboard equipment and clothing are created with a passion to provide skaters with the best tool for self-expression both on and off the board.

    Authentic Skateboard Decks

    - Antihero Skateboards offers a wide range of authentic skateboard decks designed to withstand all types of riding, from street to ramp.

    - Our skateboard decks are made with high-quality wood and durable constructions to ensure long-lasting performance.

    - Each deck is adorned with unique graphic patterns that celebrate the roots of skateboard culture.

    Made for Skateboarding

    - Take your streetwear to the next level with Antihero Skateboards. Hoodies, t-shirts, caps, and more are designed with an edge that suits the modern skateboarder.

    - Inspired by street culture and authenticity, Antihero is an expression of your style and attitude.

    Versatile Accessories

    - Complete your skate setup with our range of versatile accessories, including wheels, trucks, and griptape, meticulously designed to enhance your riding and style.

    - Our accessories are of the highest quality and designed to meet the demands of both casual skaters and professional athletes.

    FAQ about Antihero Skateboards

    Q: Can I customize my skateboard deck?

    A: Yes, our skateboard decks are perfect for customization with unique griptapes and accessories to reflect your personal style.

    Q: What size skateboard deck should I choose?

    A: The size of your skateboard deck depends on your personal preference and riding style. Check out our size guide to find the right fit for you.

    Q: Are Antihero Skateboards suitable for beginners?

    A: Absolutely! Our skateboard decks are designed to suit both beginners and experienced riders, with a focus on performance and durability.

    Customer Service at Our Store

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