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Champion Elastic Cuff Pants Beige 1
Champion Elastic Cuff Pants Beige 2

Elastic Cuff Pants

274,50 kr549 kr
Sweatpants with embroidered logo.Elastic cuffs in waist and legs.
  • Loose fit
  • Color: Beige
    Elastic Cuff Pants
    Elastic Cuff Pants
    Elastic Cuff Pants

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    Champion brand image

    Champion - A Brand With Rich History

    Champion is a well-known brand in the sportswear industry, renowned for its innovation and quality. With roots dating back to the early 1900s, Champion has become synonymous with high-performance sportswear and has a long history of supporting athletes at all levels.

    Champion, known for its long history and deep roots in the world of sports, not only offers high-quality clothing but also symbolizes tradition and innovation in sportswear. From their iconic Champion sweatshirts and Champion hoodies to comfortable t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and pants, each garment from Champion represents a combination of style, comfort, and durability.

    Champion has been a pioneer in the sportswear industry, and their clothing is equally popular in sports arenas as it is in everyday life. The brand is known for its innovative and functional design solutions, such as the Reverse Weave technology, which makes their sweatshirts and hoodies extra durable and resistant to deformation. With a Champion product, you get clothing that not only looks great but also maintains high quality and comfort.

    Our Champion collection encompasses a variety of styles and models, designed to suit all tastes and needs. Whether you're looking for something for your workout routine, casual everyday wear, or a trendy streetwear look, we have something for you. Explore a world of sportswear where quality and style go hand in hand.

    Experience Champion's heritage and be inspired by a brand that has dressed generations of athletes and fashion enthusiasts. Explore our range and find your new favorites from Champion.

    Historical Background of Champion

    Champion was founded in 1919 and began as a manufacturer of sweatshirts and sportswear for college athletes. Over the years, they have expanded their range and become a leading manufacturer of sportswear for professional and recreational athletes.

    Innovation and Quality

    Champion has been a pioneer in the sportswear industry, known for its innovations such as the reverse weave sweatshirt and the first sports bra. Their clothing is designed to offer maximum comfort and performance, whether it's for training or everyday activities.

    Champion in the Sports World

    Champion has long been associated with the sports world, and their clothing has been worn by many famous athletes and teams. The brand is known for supporting athletes and teams at all levels, from amateurs to professionals.

    Champion's Streetwear Revolution

    In addition to its presence in the sports world, Champion has also made a strong impact in streetwear fashion. With a retro feel and high-quality materials, Champion's zip hoodies, t-shirts, and jogging pants have become popular among fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Champion's sweatpants are a sweatpants that can be found in almost everyone's wardrobe, they fit everywhere but perhaps not for the wedding.

    Sustainability and Social Responsibility

    Champion is committed to sustainability issues and strives to reduce its environmental impact. They use sustainable materials and manufacturing methods to produce their clothing, making them a responsible choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

    Why Choose Champion?

    Choosing Champion means choosing a brand that combines history, quality, and style. Whether you're an athlete looking for performance clothing or someone who appreciates streetwear style, Champion offers something for everyone.


    Champion stands for more than just sportswear; it is a brand with a rich history, commitment to innovation, and a strong focus on quality and style. With its wide range of clothing suitable for both sports and leisure, Champion continues to be a popular choice for people around the world.

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