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Dickies Oakport Zip Hoodie Grey Melange 1
Dickies Oakport Zip Hoodie Grey Melange 2

Oakport Zip Hoodie

699 kr
Front pocketLong sleeves
  • Drawstring Hood Relaxed Fit Print On Front Kangaroo Pocket
  • Color: Grey Melange
    Oakport Zip Hoodie
    Oakport Zip Hoodie

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    Dickies Zip Hoodie Oakport - Classic Comfort for Everyday

    Dickies Zip Hoodie Oakport is a classic men's hoodie designed for daily comfort. This Dickies zip hoodie, made of brushed fleece, offers the perfect opportunity for layering and allows for hood adjustment with the drawstring for extra warmth.


    Front pocket: Dickies Zip Hoodie Oakport is equipped with a practical front pocket, which not only provides a relaxed style but also practical storage for small items.Long sleeves: The long sleeves increase the usability of this hoodie and make it ideal for cooler weather conditions.


    With a relaxed fit, Dickies Zip Hoodie Oakport is comfortable and versatile. It provides enough room for freedom of movement while maintaining a relaxed and stylish silhouette.


    Made of 60% cotton, this Dickies hoodie offers a soft and comfortable feel. Cotton provides breathability while retaining warmth, making it suitable for various weather conditions.

    Care Instructions

    Grey Marl color: The grey marl color provides a timeless and versatile aesthetic, making Dickies Zip Hoodie Oakport easy to match with different clothing styles.Machine washable: For easy care, this hoodie can be machine washed. This makes it comfortable and easy to maintain in daily life.No bleach: To preserve the color and quality, it is recommended to avoid bleach.Tumble dry: The Dickies Hoodie can be tumble dried, which facilitates and speeds up the drying process.No dry cleaning: Avoid dry cleaning to preserve the natural properties of the cotton material.Refer to the care label for information: Finally, it is recommended to carefully follow the care label to ensure that the best care principles are followed.Dickies Zip Hoodie Oakport combines style and functionality to offer a reliable and comfortable garment for everyday use. Whether it's for a casual day at home or as a layer for outdoor activities, this Dickies hoodie provides a timeless and practical solution.


    Dickies, founded in 1922 by C. N. Williamson and E. E. "Colonel"

    Dickie, has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, and started as a manufacturer of workwear for industrial and manual labor, quickly becoming known for its durable and practical products.

    The company is most recognized for its classic work pants, work jackets, and overalls designed to be rugged, comfortable, and functional. Their clothing is popular among professionals due to its durability and quality. Over time, Dickies has also gained popularity within urban and streetwear culture, especially among skateboarders and musicians, thanks to its simple yet iconic style.

    Today, Dickies offers a wide range of products, including workwear, casual wear, women's clothing, footwear, and accessories. They have managed to maintain their legacy of high quality while adapting to modern trends and customer needs. The brand is also active in sponsoring events, primarily within skateboarding and music scenes, which has helped reinforce their presence in youth culture and fashion.

    Dickies: Quality & Style in Streetwear

    Dickies is a well-known brand in streetwear with a long and respected history. With its focus on durable materials and functional design, Dickies has become a popular choice for both professionals and streetwear enthusiasts.

    Classic Workwear

    Dickies is most known for its classic workwear, including pants and work jackets, designed to withstand tough work conditions. Their clothing is renowned for its durability and functionality.

    Style & Versatility

    In addition to workwear, Dickies also offers a range of streetwear such as pants, hoodies, t-shirts, and beanies. Their clothing has become part of urban style and is popular among those seeking a casual and timeless look.

    Quality & Craftsmanship

    Dickies prioritizes quality and craftsmanship. Their clothing is made with meticulous attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials, making them durable and reliable.

    A Brand with History

    Dickies has a history dating back to the early 1900s and has been an integral part of the workwear industry for over a century. Their long history is a testament to their reliability and quality.

    Environmental Awareness

    Dickies has also taken steps to be more environmentally conscious by using more sustainable materials and manufacturing methods in their products.


    Dickies is a brand that combines quality and style in workwear and everyday clothing. With a history spanning over a century and a commitment to sustainability, Dickies has become a reliable and popular choice for those who value both functionality and fashion.

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