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Accel Slim

474,50 kr949 kr
The ACCEL Slim is a modern day version of the ACCEL OG with less bulk, increased board feel, and as all éS shoes for miles.
  • Premium Quality Suede
  • Ventilation
  • Excellent Durability Boardfeel and Grip
  • STI Insoles for Supreme Comfort
  • Color: White/Tan

    Product info

    éS Footwear Accel Slim: A Modern Twist on a Skateboard Classic

    éS Footwear Accel Slim is the modernized version of the legendary ACCEL OG, tailored for today's skateboarders. Created in 1995 to push comfort, style, and functionality in skateboarding to new levels, Accel Slim offers a smaller volume and increased board feel while maintaining the characteristic style of éS shoes.

    Premium Material and Advanced Design

    Accel Slim, presented in a sleek color combination of white and tan, is made of high-quality suede. This quality guarantees not only the durability of streetwear skate shoes but also an aesthetic that fits perfectly into both skateboard and streetwear contexts.

    Optimized for Performance and Comfort

    With its advanced cupsole construction, Accel Slim provides excellent durability, board feel, and grip, crucial for precision control in tricks and Ollies. STI insoles offer unmatched comfort, durability, and grip, making these streetwear skate shoes a favorite for both long sessions and everyday wear.

    Functionality and Style in Focus

    The skate shoe's perforated side panels not only provide necessary ventilation for the feet but also a fresh and unique style. The iconic éS branding on the tongue, heel, insole, and lower middle of the lace loop puts a clear signature on the design of the streetwear skate shoe.

    More Than Just a Streetwear Skate Shoe

    Accel Slim from éS Footwear is more than just a streetwear skate shoe; it is part of the development of skateboard culture. With its reduced volume and improved board feel, this streetwear skate shoe is a perfect match for the modern skateboarder who values style as much as functionality.


    What sets éS Footwear Accel Slim apart from ACCEL OG?Accel Slim is a modern version of ACCEL OG with reduced volume, improved board feel, and an updated style typical of éS shoes.Is Accel Slim suitable for both skateboarding and everyday wear?Yes, Accel Slim is designed to be both functional for skateboarding and comfortable enough for everyday wear, with a style that fits in any context.How do I take care of my Accel Slim skate shoes to extend their lifespan?To maintain your Accel Slim streetwear skate shoes, clean them regularly with appropriate suede products and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and heat.

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    éS Footwear Skate Shoes for Skateboarders

    éS Footwear is a respected brand in the skateboard world, known for manufacturing innovative and high-quality skate shoes specially designed for skateboarders. Since its inception, éS Footwear has been a trailblazer in skate shoe manufacturing, establishing itself as a favorite among both professional and amateur riders.

    History and Dedication to Skateboarding

    éS Footwear was founded in the 1990s with a clear vision to create shoes that meet the unique demands of skateboarders. Since then, they have been pioneers in the development of skateboard shoes, focusing on durability, functionality, and style.

    High-Performance Skate Shoes & Comfort

    At the core of éS Footwear's product range are their skateboard shoes, designed to offer both comfort and performance. These shoes are characterized by their robust construction, innovative cushioning techniques, and grip, making them ideal for both technical tricks and everyday riding.

    Design and Aesthetics

    éS Footwear stands out with its unique aesthetic that blends classic skate style with modern influences. Their design philosophy incorporates a mix of retro and contemporary trends, resulting in shoes that not only perform well but also look great.

    Commitment to Skateboard Culture

    éS Footwear is deeply rooted in skateboard culture. They have a longstanding commitment to supporting skateboarders and skateboarding events, demonstrating their dedication to the sport's development and community.

    Sustainability and Innovation

    éS Footwear is committed to manufacturing its skate shoes in a sustainable manner. They strive to use environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes and continuously improve their skate shoes through innovation and technical development.

    Why Choose éS Footwear?

    Choosing éS Footwear means choosing a brand dedicated to skateboarding and understanding the needs of riders at all levels. With its combination of high-quality materials, innovative design, and commitment to skateboard culture, éS Footwear is an excellent choice for skateboarders seeking shoes that deliver both performance and style.


    éS Footwear is more than just a shoe brand; they are a part of the heart and soul of skateboard culture. By constantly innovating and improving their products while maintaining a strong connection to the skateboarding community, éS Footwear continues to be a significant player in the skateboard industry.

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