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Fast Skateboard Wheel Company FSWC Fast Year 53mm Wheels White 1
Fast Skateboard Wheel Company FSWC Fast Year 53mm Wheels White 2

FSWC Fast Year 53mm Wheels

244,30 kr329 kr
4-pack of 53mm, 83B skateboard wheels from Fast Skateboard Wheel Company.Anti-Flatspot FAST formula.
Color: White

Product info

fast skateboard wheel company

Fast Skateboard Wheel Company is a prominent player

In the skateboard industry, specializing in the manufacturing of skateboard wheels. They have established themselves as a trusted manufacturer by offering high-quality wheels that combine performance, durability, and style.

Focus on Quality and Performance

The core of Fast Skateboard Wheel Company's success lies in their unwavering commitment to quality. Their skateboard wheels are designed to meet the high demands of skateboarders at all levels, from beginners to professionals. By using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, they ensure that each wheel offers an optimal balance of grip, durability, and smoothness.

Innovative Design Solutions

Fast Skateboard Wheel Company is also known for its innovative design solutions. They understand the importance of addressing the unique needs and preferences of each skateboarder, reflected in their wide range of wheels. Whether it's street skating, park riding, or cruising, they offer wheels tailored to different styles and terrains.

A Wide Range of Wheels

The company offers a variety of wheels with varying hardness levels, sizes, and colors. This gives skateboarders the freedom to customize their boards according to personal preferences and skating styles. From smaller wheels for technical precision to larger wheels for speed and stability, Fast Skateboard Wheel Company has something for every skateboarder's needs.

Environmental Awareness & Sustainability

Fast Skateboard Wheel Company is not only committed to creating high-quality products but also to being environmentally conscious. They continuously work on improving their manufacturing processes and selecting more sustainable materials to reduce their environmental footprint.

Dedication to Skateboard Culture

The company's dedication to skateboard culture extends beyond their products. They support the community by sponsoring events, competitions, and local talent. Their involvement in the skateboarding world demonstrates a deep understanding and appreciation for the sport and its culture.


Fast Skateboard Wheel Company is a vital part of the skateboard industry, known for its high quality, innovative design, and dedication to skateboard culture. By offering a wide range of wheels that suit a variety of skating styles and preferences, as well as their commitment to sustainability and community, they continue to be a role model and inspiration for skateboarders worldwide.

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