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Fauna Logo Hoodie

599 kr
Loose fitted tie dye hoodie from Fauna with logo print at front. Hoodie is colored by hand in Gothenburg, Sweden. Every piece is uniqe and may vary in colour and shade.
Color: Black

Product info

Fauna Hoodie Logo

Unique tie dye hoodie with hand-dyed pattern

Fauna Hoodie Logo is a loose-fitting tie dye hoodie from the clothing brand Fauna. Each hoodie is hand-dyed in Gothenburg, Sweden, giving each garment a unique color and shade.

Unique design

Fauna Hoodie Logo has a loose fit and hand-dyed tie dye patterns created by hand, making each hoodie unique. The hoodie is perfect for a relaxed day or a cozy day at home on the couch.

Logo print

The hoodie features a clear and large logo on the front, giving it an extra touch of style and showing your support for the Fauna clothing brand.


Each hoodie is hand-dyed in Gothenburg, Sweden, making each garment personal and unique. Hand-dyeing is an art form that takes time and skill, but the result is a hoodie that you can be proud to wear.


Fauna Hoodie Logo is made of high-quality materials and is comfortable to wear. The loose-fitting design makes it suitable for all body shapes and sizes. Each garment is carefully inspected to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.


Fauna Hoodie Logo is a unique and high-quality hoodie that is perfect for those who want something personal and unique. The hand-dyeing gives each hoodie a personal touch and the logo print gives it an extra touch of style. If you want a hoodie that stands out and is made of good materials, Fauna Hoodie Logo is the perfect choice.