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Cap Legacy

399 kr
Former Legacy Cap, crafted from premium 100% cotton twill. Highlighting our iconic embroidered Legacy logo, this cap is equipped with a secure strap-back closure and adorned with internal woven labels. Elevate your style with this distinctive and comfortable headwear essential.
  • 100% Cotton Twill
  • Color: Black

    Product info

    Former Cap Legacy: A Classic in Your Wardrobe

    Discover Former Cap Legacy, an essential part of your wardrobe that combines classic design with high-quality materials. Made of premium 100% cotton twill, Former cap not only offers superior comfort but also durability that withstands daily wear and tear. The iconic embroidered Legacy logo highlights the cap's unique character, while the secure strap-back closure ensures a perfect fit for everyone. Complete with internal woven labels, Former cap is more than just a fashion statement – it is a tribute to timeless style and quality.

    Designed for Comfort and Style

    Material: Made of 100% cotton twill, Former cap guarantees a soft feel and breathable comfort throughout the day. Design: The elegant and discreet design, highlighted by the embroidered Legacy logo, makes Former cap a must-have for anyone who appreciates simple yet expressive style. Features: Equipped with an adjustable strap-back closure, Former cap offers a customizable fit that ensures maximum comfort and security.

    A Timeless Addition to Every Outfit

    Former Cap Legacy is not just an accessory; it is an investment in your style. It is designed to complement a variety of looks, from casual to more dressed up, making it a versatile component of your daily attire.

    For the Modern Lifestyle

    Versatility: Perfect for a day in the city, a relaxing weekend, or as a stylish addition to your workout outfit. Style: The subtle yet eye-catching design allows Former cap to fit into a variety of contexts, and highlights your personal style.Quality: With attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials, Former cap is a long-term part of your wardrobe.


    Q: How do I care for my Former Cap to maintain its quality? A: To preserve the cap's appearance and quality, we recommend hand washing in cold water and allowing it to air dry.Q: Is the cap unisex? A: Yes, its classic design and adjustable fit make it suitable and comfortable for everyone, regardless of gender.Q: Can I adjust the size of the cap? A: Absolutely, the adjustable strap-back closure makes it easy to customize the cap to your head size for a perfect fit.


    Former: Defying Norms with Street Style


    Former, founded by Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds, and Austyn Gillette, emerges as more than a conventional apparel entity. Rooted in a mission to challenge the status quo, it endeavors to transcend corporate conventions, industry norms, and the predictability of mainstream fashion. With a diverse product range encompassing hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, and accessories, Former ventures beyond the realm of mere clothing sales. It aspires to foster a lifestyle and identity that resonates with individuals seeking authenticity and self-expression in a world often dictated by conformity.

    Cultivating a Lifestyle:

    Former is not merely a purveyor of apparel; it's a curator of stories. Through its media arm, Former utilizes various platforms to amplify narratives of creativity, rebellion, and innovation. From vibrant social media channels to more traditional mediums, Former serves as a megaphone for the voices and experiences of those who dare to challenge societal norms and forge their unique paths in life. It is an embodiment of defiance against the conventional, an invitation to join a community of like-minded individuals who embrace authenticity and courage.

    Product Showcase:

    Explore Former's diverse range of products designed for the urban rebel:

    - Hoodies: Crafted with premium materials and featuring bold designs, Former's hoodies are the epitome of urban coolness. (Bullet point 1)

    - T-shirts: From vintage-inspired graphics to contemporary prints, Former's t-shirts offer a canvas for self-expression. (Bullet point 2)

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    Join the Rebellion:

    Are you ready to defy norms and embrace your individuality? Join the Former community and become part of a movement that celebrates creativity, innovation, and authenticity. Together, let's rewrite the rules and carve our own paths.


    F: Can I return or exchange my purchase if it doesn't fit?

    S: Yes, we offer hassle-free returns and exchanges to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase.

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