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GX1000 Skateboard Mind Over Matter - 8" Multicolor 1
GX1000 Skateboard Mind Over Matter - 8" Multicolor 2

Skateboard Mind Over Matter - 8"

949 kr
Skateboard Mind Over Matter - 8" from GX1000. 8" X 31.625" WB 14". Made at BBS.
Color: Multicolor

Product info


GX1000, a skate crew based in San Francisco

Is a tightly knit group of talented and unique skateboarders united by their love for positive vibes and the thrill of high-speed riding. The group is led by Ryan Garshell, a prominent skate filmmaker whose nickname stems from his trusty camera, the Sony VX1000.

A Diverse Group of Riders

GX1000 comprises a diverse range of skateboarders, including both professionals and amateurs. They all share unwavering confidence and extraordinary physical abilities. This unique mix of talents and personalities creates a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere within the group.

Ryan Garshell - A Pioneer in Skate Filmmaking

Ryan Garshell, who moved to San Francisco in 2008, has become known for his incredible films capturing daring descents on the city's hills. His ability to capture the rawness and authenticity of skateboarding has made him an iconic figure in the skate world. As Thrasher Magazine's in-house filmmaker and part of Converse's skate program, Garshell continues to leave his mark on skate culture.

Expansion of GX1000

In addition to his filmmaking work, Garshell, along with his partner Stephen McClintock, expands GX1000's clothing brand. This clothing line reflects the group's unique style and values and has become a popular choice among skateboarders and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With its distinct combination of streetwear and skate-influenced design elements, GX1000 apparel represents an authentic and modern skate culture.


GX1000 is more than just a group of skateboarders; they are a symbol of creativity, community, and passion within the skate world. With Garshell's leadership and creative vision, the GX1000 group has become a force to be reckoned with, both in skateboarding and fashion. Their commitment to skateboarding and their ability to constantly innovate and inspire make them one of the most prominent and respected groups in the skate world.

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