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Hockey Jacket Hockey x Independent Coaches Navy 1
Hockey Jacket Hockey x Independent Coaches Navy 2
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Jacket Hockey x Independent Coaches

1 189,30 kr1 699 kr
Jacket from Hockey Skateboards. 100% Nylon Water Resistant Shell. Polyester Lining with Snap Front & Elastic Cuffs. "Hockey" Embroidered on Left Chest. Printed Artwork on Back.
  • Water resistant
  • Hockey X Independent
  • Color: Navy

    Product info

    Hockey Skateboards

    Skateboard Brand Hockey

    The skateboard brand Hockey has quickly become a prominent name in the skateboarding world. Known for its distinct aesthetic and commitment to skateboard culture, Hockey represents a raw and authentic spirit that permeates everything they do.

    Authentic and Raw Expression

    Hockey's design and graphics reflect a unique and unfiltered view of the skateboarding world. Their graphic illustrations and designs are not only eye-catching but also filled with deeper meaning that speaks to the skateboarder's soul. Each board and every collection tells a story and reflects a part of the diversity and complexity of skateboard culture.

    Dedication to Skateboard Culture

    Hockey is more than just a skateboard brand; they are an integral part of skateboard culture. They understand the needs and values of skateboarders, which is reflected in their products. From durable and high-quality skateboards to clothing and accessories, every product is created with the skateboarder's lifestyle in mind.

    Innovation and Quality

    Hockey is also known for its innovation in skateboard technology. They use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to create skateboards that not only look great but also offer superior performance and durability. This commitment to quality ensures that every product from Hockey is built to last and perform in the toughest conditions.

    Community Engagement and Impact

    In addition to producing high-quality skateboards and clothing, Hockey is also actively engaged in supporting and promoting the skateboarding community. They are involved in various initiatives aimed at strengthening and developing skateboard culture, from supporting local events to contributing to the building and maintenance of skate parks.

    Global Reach and Local Presence

    Despite its global footprint, Hockey remains true to its roots. They work closely with local communities and skateboarders to ensure that their products and initiatives are relevant and contribute positively to skateboard culture at all levels.

    In summary, Hockey is not just a brand; it is a symbol of the heart and soul of skateboard culture. Through its authentic aesthetic, commitment to quality and innovation, and deep community engagement, Hockey has cemented its position as one of the most respected and influential brands in the skateboarding world. They continue to inspire and drive skateboard culture forward while remaining true to their core of raw and unfiltered passion for skateboarding.

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