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Unlimited Cap

499 kr
MAGGIORE Unlimited Caps combine timeless design with a touch of luxury. Crafted in a soft and elegant velvet material, these caps offer comfort and style in one package. The distinct metal plate with the MAGGIORE logo on the front adds an exclusive touch.
  • Adjustable snapback
  • Color: Black
    Unlimited Cap
    Unlimited Cap
    Unlimited Cap
    Unlimited Cap
    Unlimited Cap
    Unlimited Cap
    Unlimited Cap

    Product info

    Timeless Design and Exclusive Luxury - Maggiore Cap Unlimited

    Maggiore Cap Unlimited is more than just a cap - it is a symbol of timeless design and modern luxury. As part of Maggiore's prominent streetwear collection, this cap offers a unique style and class. Made of soft and elegant black velvet, it combines exceptional comfort with a sophisticated look, perfect for every streetwear enthusiast and skateboarder.

    Maggiore Cap with Quality and Comfort in Velvet

    The black velvet material of Maggiore Cap is not only visually appealing but also practical. The soft fabric ensures comfort throughout the day, making it ideal for both city life and time in the skatepark. The high-quality feel of velvet adds a luxurious dimension to your outfit, making the cap a favorite for anyone who appreciates vintage and streetwear styles.

    Adaptable Style with Snapback

    The adaptability of Maggiore Cap Unlimited is one of its most appreciated features. With its adjustable snapback feature, the cap is easy to customize for different head sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. This versatility makes the cap an asset for everyday wear, regardless of activity.

    A Statement with the MAGGIORE Logo

    The distinct metal plate with the MAGGIORE logo on the front of the Maggiore cap is not just a design element - it's a statement. This detail provides a sense of exclusivity and high status within streetwear and skateboard culture. The logo is a symbol of quality and design awareness.


    Question: Is Maggiore Cap Unlimited suitable for all ages?Answer: Absolutely, its timeless design and adjustable size make it suitable for a wide audience.Question: How do I care for my Maggiore Cap Unlimited?Answer: To preserve the quality and appearance of your Maggiore cap, we recommend gentle hand washing.Question: Is the Maggiore cap suitable for both everyday and special occasions?Answer: Yes, its versatile design makes it perfect for both casual and more dressed-up events.

    Maggiore keps med the Beatles tryck

    Maggiore Caps: Quality and Style Combined

    Maggiore caps are more than just a fashion accessory; they are a symbol of quality and style. These caps, which combine modern design with practical function, are perfect for all occasions, whether it's for sports activities, skateboarding, or as part of a casual outfit or streetwear.

    Company Foundation in Halmstad

    A city known for its creative atmosphere and strong local community spirit, can be reflected in Maggiore's design and corporate philosophy. As a Swedish-founded and based business, they can emphasize the importance of local influences in their products, as well as sustainability and quality, which are often important aspects for Swedish brands.

    Maggiore's ownership under Wiktorsson & Lundin Invest AB could also mean a strong business strategy and a solid foundation for future growth and expansion, both within Sweden and internationally. As a new brand, Maggiore could explore innovative design concepts, invest in sustainable materials and production methods, and perhaps even establish itself as a fashion-oriented or lifestyle-oriented brand.

    Starting in 2020, during a time of global changes and challenges, Maggiore may also have a unique position to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer behaviors, which may include a strong online presence and direct-to-consumer sales.

    Quality and Sustainability

    Maggiore caps are made with a focus on quality. Each cap is designed to last a long time, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship. This makes them an excellent choice for the conscious consumer seeking a sustainable and long-lasting product.

    Design and Style

    With a range of styles and colors to choose from, Maggiore caps offer something for every taste. Their design reflects the latest trends in the fashion world while retaining a timeless charm. Therefore, they are an excellent addition to every skater's and fashion-conscious person's wardrobe.

    Comfort and Functionality

    In addition to their attractive appearance, Maggiore caps are designed for comfort and functionality. They are lightweight and have adjustable bands, ensuring a perfect fit for all head sizes. The built-in sweatband adds extra comfort during warm and active days.

    Maggiore Caps for All Occasions

    Whether you're looking for a cap for sports, leisure, skateboarding, or just to make a streetwear statement, Maggiore caps have what you need. They work just as well at the skatepark as they do in the city and can easily be paired with different clothing styles.

    Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

    With growing awareness of sustainability, Maggiore caps are a responsible choice. Many of their caps are made from recycled materials or organic fabrics, making them an eco-friendly alternative for the environmentally conscious consumer.

    Why Choose Maggiore Caps?

    Maggiore caps stand not only for style and quality but also for responsible fashion choices. With their sustainable manufacturing methods and high-quality materials, they offer a product that you can trust both in terms of fashion and ethics.


    In summary, Maggiore caps are the perfect choice for those seeking a high-quality, stylish, and functional cap. Whether your focus is on sports, fashion, or sustainability, Maggiore caps offer a product that meets all these criteria. Choose a Maggiore cap and take your fashion expression to a new level.

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