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Franky Villani 417 Shoes

999 kr
The Numeric team eagerly anticipated the collaboration with Franky Villani, anticipating his distinctive creative vision to shine through in a signature shoe. Franky's unique aesthetics and style served as guiding influences in the design process, seamlessly blending skate heritage with patterns inspired by iconic New Balance silhouettes. Enter the NM417 by Franky Villani – a mid-cut, vulcanized skate shoe that presents a contemporary interpretation of a classic herringbone outsole. Boasting triple-layer reinforcement in high-wear areas on the upper and an Abzorb insole for both comfort and impact protection, this shoe has been tested and approved by Franky himself.
  • Vulcanized sole for grip and durability
  • Color: Black/Timberwolf

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    New Balance Skate Shoes by Franky Villani: A Fusion of Style & Function

    New Balance skate shoes by Franky Villani represent a perfect balance between innovative skate function and a distinct aesthetic vision. These mid-cut, vulcanized New Balance skate shoes are designed with a deep understanding of both the skater's needs and the unique style embodied by Franky Villani.

    Design and Technical Features

    New Balance skate shoes are equipped with a classic herringbone-patterned outsole that offers both grip and durability, essential for skateboarding. The upper has a three-layer reinforcement in areas exposed to high wear, which extends the shoe's lifespan and provides the skater with a reliable partner for their tricks. Additionally, it is equipped with New Balance's famous Abzorb insole, which provides exceptional comfort and impact cushioning during intense skate sessions.

    Aesthetics and Style

    With a Black and Timberwolf color scheme, these skate shoes offer a subtle yet striking look that can easily integrate into any skate or streetwear outfit. Franky Villani's signature on these New Balance skate shoes guarantees a unique style that reflects his personal aesthetic and creativity.

    Vulcanized sole for optimal grip

    Three-layer reinforcement for increased durability

    Abzorb insole for superior comfort

    Black/Timberwolf color combination for a versatile look

    New Balance skate shoes by Franky Villani stand as a testament to creativity and innovation in the skate world. These New Balance skate shoes are more than just a part of your equipment; they are an extension of your personal style and passion for skateboarding. Whether you're performing tricks in the skatepark or exploring the city streets, these New Balance skate shoes will provide you with the performance and look you need to stand out.

    Durability and Quality

    New Balance skate shoes by Franky Villani are not only designed to look great and perform on the board; they are also built to last. With careful attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials, these shoes guarantee that you get a product that can withstand the daily demands of skateboarding. The three-layer reinforcement and the vulcanized construction are just a few examples of how New Balance ensures that their skate shoes are of the highest quality and durability.

    Comfort Meets Performance

    Comfort is crucial when it comes to New Balance skate shoes, and New Balance has not compromised in this regard. The Abzorb insole is designed to provide optimal impact cushioning, reducing the strain on feet and joints during intense sessions. This combination of comfort and performance ensures that skaters can focus on their tricks and riding without worrying about discomfort or injuries.


    Q: How do New Balance skate shoes by Franky Villani differ from other models? A: These New Balance skate shoes are uniquely designed with Franky Villani's personal style and the needs of a skater in mind, resulting in a shoe that is not only functional but also stylish.

    Q: Are these New Balance skate shoes suitable for both skateboarding and daily wear? A: Yes, their durable construction and sleek design make them ideal for both intense skate sessions and as part of a casual streetwear look.

    New Balance Numeric skor på en kille som hoppar med en skateboard

    New Balance Numeric: Skateboard Shoes with Quality and Style

    New Balance Numeric is a line of skateboard shoes that combines New Balance's tradition of quality and comfort with the skateboard world's demands for durability and performance. These shoes are designed to meet the unique needs of skateboarders and have quickly gained popularity within the skate community.

    High-Quality Materials

    New Balance Numeric sets itself apart from many other skateboard shoe brands by using high-quality materials and craftsmanship in the manufacturing of their shoes. This results in shoes that are not only durable but also comfortable for long skate sessions.

    Optimal Cushioning

    An important feature of skateboard shoes is cushioning, and New Balance Numeric takes this seriously. Their shoes are equipped with advanced cushioning systems that reduce the impact on the feet during skateboarding.

    New Balance Numeric Style & Design

    In addition to functionality, New Balance Numeric shoes are also known for their style and design. They offer a wide range of colors and patterns that appeal to skateboarders with different aesthetic preferences.

    Team Riders and Collaborations

    New Balance Numeric has also collaborated with prominent skateboarders to develop and market their shoes. These team riders help ensure that the shoes meet the high demands of the skateboard world.

    A Brand to Trust

    New Balance Numeric has quickly established itself as a reliable and respected brand within the skateboard world. Their focus on quality, cushioning, and style has made them a clear choice for skateboarders seeking the best shoes for their riding.


    New Balance Numeric is a brand that combines New Balance's quality with the demands of the skateboard world. Their skateboard shoes offer high-quality materials, optimal cushioning, and stylish design that appeal to skateboarders. With their commitment to skateboard culture, New Balance Numeric has established itself as a trusted brand within the skate community.

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