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Tiago Lemos 1010 Shoes

1 199 kr
New Balance has a storied legacy of crafting technical performance footwear to cater to the demands of professional athletes. Upholding this tradition, New Balance Numeric introduces the 1010, our most advanced skate shoe to date. The 1010 is equipped with a full-length dual-density FuelCell midsole, delivering propulsive underfoot cushioning. Its upper incorporates FantomFit technology and anatomical inner heel pods, ensuring a secure lockdown fit. Perfectly blending New Balance and skate heritage, the 1010 instills confidence both on and off the board. This model stands as the signature shoe of Tiago Lemos.
  • The durable rubber cup outsole ensures lasting performance.
  • assisting in propelling you forward.
  • The FuelCell foam offers a propulsive sensation
  • Color: Black/Sea Salt

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    Advanced Technology for Unmatched Performance

    1010 is equipped with New Balance's groundbreaking FuelCell technology, offering a full-length dual density midsole designed to provide a sense of propulsion and energy return with every step. This innovative technology ensures that the rider gets maximum comfort and support during long sessions on the board, enabling an enhanced riding experience.

    Designed for Skateboarders' Needs

    With an upper that combines FantomFit technology with anatomical inner heel cushions, 1010 guarantees a secure lock and fit that minimizes the risk of injuries and increases stability during riding. The durable rubber cupsole is designed to withstand the demanding conditions in the skatepark and on the street, ensuring that 1010 is a shoe that lasts.

    Style and Functionality

    The understated yet stylish design in Black/Sea Salt makes 1010 a favorite both on and off the board. The shoe's aesthetics pay homage to both New Balance's heritage and the modern skateboarding culture, creating a shoe that is as functional as it is fashion-forward.

    A Tribute to Tiago Lemos

    As Tiago Lemos' signature shoe, 1010 is a direct representation of his dynamic riding style and technical skill. The shoe reflects Tiago's demands for performance, durability, and comfort, and stands as a symbol of excellence within the skateboarding world.

    Integrated in the Skateboarding Community

    1010 is more than just a skate shoe; it is a part of the skateboarding community and its continuous development. This shoe represents New Balance Numeric's commitment to innovation and quality, and its ability to meet the unique challenges within skateboarding.


    Q: Is 1010 tailored for specific riding styles? A: 1010 is designed to be versatile and support a range of riding styles, from technical street tricks to skatepark and bowl riding.Q: How does 1010 differ from other New Balance Numeric shoes? A: 1010 distinguishes itself through its advanced FuelCell technology and tailored design elements, making it New Balance Numeric's most advanced skateboarding shoe to date.Q: What kind of maintenance does 1010 require? A: To maximize the lifespan of your 1010, you should regularly clean them and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. Use appropriate protective products for the materials to maintain the shoe's appearance and function.


    New Balance Numeric 1010 is a shoe that combines the latest in footwear technology with a deep understanding of the demands of skateboarding. It is a shoe that supports the rider in every step, whether it's during an intense session in the skatepark or a relaxed day in the city. With its focus on performance, durability, and style, 1010 is a tribute to both Tiago Lemos and the broader skateboarding culture. It is a shoe designed for riders who value quality and function, and who want the best under their feet when tackling the next challenge on the board.

    New Balance Numeric skor på en kille som hoppar med en skateboard

    New Balance Numeric: Skateboard Shoes with Quality and Style

    New Balance Numeric is a line of skateboard shoes that combines New Balance's tradition of quality and comfort with the skateboard world's demands for durability and performance. These shoes are designed to meet the unique needs of skateboarders and have quickly gained popularity within the skate community.

    High-Quality Materials

    New Balance Numeric sets itself apart from many other skateboard shoe brands by using high-quality materials and craftsmanship in the manufacturing of their shoes. This results in shoes that are not only durable but also comfortable for long skate sessions.

    Optimal Cushioning

    An important feature of skateboard shoes is cushioning, and New Balance Numeric takes this seriously. Their shoes are equipped with advanced cushioning systems that reduce the impact on the feet during skateboarding.

    New Balance Numeric Style & Design

    In addition to functionality, New Balance Numeric shoes are also known for their style and design. They offer a wide range of colors and patterns that appeal to skateboarders with different aesthetic preferences.

    Team Riders and Collaborations

    New Balance Numeric has also collaborated with prominent skateboarders to develop and market their shoes. These team riders help ensure that the shoes meet the high demands of the skateboard world.

    A Brand to Trust

    New Balance Numeric has quickly established itself as a reliable and respected brand within the skateboard world. Their focus on quality, cushioning, and style has made them a clear choice for skateboarders seeking the best shoes for their riding.


    New Balance Numeric is a brand that combines New Balance's quality with the demands of the skateboard world. Their skateboard shoes offer high-quality materials, optimal cushioning, and stylish design that appeal to skateboarders. With their commitment to skateboard culture, New Balance Numeric has established itself as a trusted brand within the skate community.

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