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Ac Perf Pittsburgh Pirates 5950 Cap

549 kr
Official New Era Pittsburgh Pirates MLB AC Perf 59FIFTY Fitted capPittsburgh Pirates logo at frontEmbroidered New Era flag at leftFull, structured crown
  • Flat visor
  • 100% Polyester
  • Fitted design
  • Color: Black

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    New Era AC Perf Pittsburgh Pirates 5950 Cap – A Skate Cap for Baseball and Streetwear Enthusiasts

    New Era AC Perf Pittsburgh Pirates 5950 Cap is not just a tribute to baseball; it is also an essential part of every streetwear and skatewear collection. As a skate cap with clear influences from the world of baseball, it combines the spirit of the sport with the flexibility of streetwear style and the coolness of skateboard culture.

    Timeless Design Meets Streetwear Aesthetics:

    Team Logo: The prominent Pittsburgh Pirates logo is a strong symbol of team love and city pride, perfect for skatewear.New Era Flag: The iconic embroidered New Era flag on the left emphasizes the cap's quality and authenticity in streetwear.Structured Crown: A full, structured crown provides an authentic baseball look that blends seamlessly into both skateboard and streetwear contexts.

    Material and Comfort for Skateboarders:

    Visor: The flat visor not only protects against the sun but also adds a sharp, modern edge to every skate outfit.Polyester Material: 100% polyester ensures durability and comfort, whether you're in the city or at the skatepark.Fitted Design: A tailored fit ensures that the cap sits comfortably and securely, even during intense skateboard sessions.

    A Must-Have for All Streetwear and Skateboard Enthusiasts:

    This cap is ideal for anyone who loves the combination of sports and streetwear. It is equally at home on the skateboard as it is at a baseball game or in an urban environment.Care Instructions: To preserve the quality of the cap, gentle hand washing is recommended.


    Q: Does this cap fit into a skateboard-inspired wardrobe?A: Absolutely, its design and comfort make it a perfect addition to every skate outfit.Q: Can this cap be matched with other streetwear items?A: Yes, its classic design and black color make it easy to combine with a variety of streetwear pieces.Q: Is the material durable enough for skateboarding?A: Yes, 100% polyester is both durable and comfortable, perfect for active lifestyles.

    New Era

    New Era: Leading in Caps and Fashion

    New Era is an iconic brand known for its high-quality caps and headwear. Since its founding in 1920, New Era has become synonymous with innovation, style, and culture in the cap industry. They are particularly known for their classic baseball caps, which have become a staple in both the sports world and street fashion.

    New Era's History and Heritage

    New Era started as a family-owned business specializing in caps. Over the years, they have evolved into one of the most prominent names in the headwear industry, with a strong connection to baseball and other sports.

    Quality and Design

    New Era is famous for its high quality and craftsmanship when it comes to caps. They combine traditional manufacturing techniques with modern design to create products that are both durable and trendy. Their caps are known for their comfort, durability, and iconic design.

    New Era and Sports

    New Era has a long and proud history with sports, especially baseball. They are the official cap suppliers to Major League Baseball, and their caps are worn by both professional players and fans worldwide. This collaboration with MLB has cemented their position as a leading player in sports fashion.

    New Era in Street Fashion

    In addition to their presence in sports, New Era has also become a significant part of street fashion culture. Their caps are popular not only among sports fans but also within hip-hop and urban fashion circles. New Era continues to stay trendy through collaborations with various designers and brands, keeping them relevant and sought after in the fashion world.

    Sustainability and Future

    New Era is committed to sustainability and strives to produce their products responsibly. They use sustainable materials and work to reduce their environmental impact, showcasing their commitment to both quality and the environment.

    Why Choose New Era?

    Choosing a cap from New Era means not only getting a high-quality product but also becoming part of a heritage. New Era offers a combination of tradition, innovation, and style that is unmatched in the headwear industry.


    New Era stands for more than just caps; it's a brand that represents a blend of culture, fashion, and sports. With its rich history, commitment to quality, and influence in both the sports and fashion worlds, New Era continues to be a leading player and a favorite among people worldwide.