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Opera Skateboards Alex Perelson No Evil - Ex7 Slick Shield Skateboard Deck 8.38" Multicolor 1
Opera Skateboards Alex Perelson No Evil - Ex7 Slick Shield Skateboard Deck 8.38" Multicolor 2

Alex Perelson No Evil - Ex7 Slick Shield Skateboard Deck 8.38"

839,30 kr1 099 kr
7-ply 100% North American Maple with Epoxy GlueIndividually Pressed8.38" x 32.4" - Wheelbase 14.75"Stronger than industry 7-ply. Strong pop. Long deck life.PopsicleStain Blood VeneerSlick Shield on Nose and TailInner Wheel Wells
Color: Multicolor

Product info

Opera Skateboards

Opera Skateboards - A Brand With an Artistic Touch

Opera Skateboards is a brand that combines a passion for skateboarding with an artistic and creative approach. The brand has become known for producing skateboard decks and related products that not only focus on technical performance but also incorporate aesthetic and unique design elements.

Distinctive Design of Opera Skateboards

Opera Skateboards stands out with its unique style, where each skateboard deck is more than just sports equipment - it's a work of art. With its focus on detail and creative designs, Opera Skateboards offers skateboard decks that appeal to both riders and art collectors.

Product Range and Quality

In addition to its unique design, Opera Skateboards places great emphasis on quality and durability in its products. Their skateboard decks are made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring a durable and reliable riding experience.

Opera Skateboards and Skateboard Culture

Opera Skateboards is deeply committed to skateboard culture and strives to contribute to its development and diversity. By creating products that combine functionality with artistic expression, they contribute to a more versatile and creative skateboard world.

Commitment to Innovation and Art

Opera Skateboards stands not only for quality products but also for innovation and artistic integrity. They constantly strive to explore new ideas and concepts, making them a dynamic and exciting player in the skateboard industry.

Opera Skateboards: A Brand for the Future

With its unique combination of skateboard culture, art, and innovation, Opera Skateboards is a brand that looks to the future. They offer a unique skateboard experience that appeals to both riders seeking high performance and those who appreciate aesthetics and design.


Opera Skateboards is a brand that represents a fusion of art and skateboarding. With its artistically designed and technically advanced skateboard decks, they offer a unique dimension to the skateboard world, making them an attractive choice for skateboarders and art lovers alike.

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