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Poetic Collective Sculptor pant Black corduroy 1
Poetic Collective Sculptor pant Black corduroy 2

Sculptor pant

949 kr
Double knee sculptor pant with work wear detailing and elastic waist . Made in a a durable corduroy.
Color: Black corduroy

Product info

Poetic Collective Pants Sculptor

Functional skateboard pants with stylish design

Poetic Collective is a skateboard and art brand from Malmö dedicated to delivering high-quality materials and innovative design. With their latest addition to the collection, Pants Sculptor, Poetic Collective has created a product that combines functionality and style.

Unique design with durable corduroy and workwear details

Pants Sculptor has a unique appearance that sets it apart from any other pants on the market. They are made of durable corduroy, making them ideal for all types of skateboarding and other outdoor activities. The pants also have workwear details that give them a robust look.

Comfortable fit and extra protection

The elastic waist on Pants Sculptor provides a comfortable fit that keeps the pants in place during all your adventures. This is a great advantage for skateboarders who often need to move quickly and smoothly. Pants Sculptor also have double knees for extra protection and durability, making them perfect for skateboarders who need to protect their knees from impacts and falls.

Functional pockets and high-quality material

This product is also highly functional. There are plenty of pockets on Pants Sculptor for you to carry all your skateboard tools and other essentials. The pockets are also well-placed for convenient and easy access. Pants Sculptor is made of high-quality material and built to last. They are also very stylish and can easily be combined with other clothing for a classic or modern look.

Final words

If you are looking for a product that combines functionality and style, Poetic Collective Pants Sculptor with workwear details and elastic waist in durable corduroy is the perfect choice. Get them today and experience the difference for yourself!

Poetic Collective

Poetic Collective is more than just a skateboard brand

It's a distinct voice in the world of streetwear. They combine artistic vision with skateboarding to create a unique style that resonates well with today's fashion world.

A Fusion of Art and Fashion

At the core of Poetic Collective is a fusion of art and fashion manifested through their clothing line. Their range of streetwear includes hoodies, t-shirts, pants, and zip-hoodies designed to both express and inspire. Each garment is more than just clothing; it's a work of art, a part of the wearer's identity, and a tribute to the creativity in streetwear culture.

Innovative and Functional Garments

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Poetic Collective's clothing is known for its functionality and comfort. They understand the importance of clothing being durable and comfortable, especially in skateboarding culture where freedom of movement is crucial. Their streetwear is designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle while maintaining a high level of style.

Expanded Range for Skateboarders

In addition to clothing, Poetic Collective's range includes high-quality skateboards, grip tape, and unique accessories like balaclavas and slip overs. These products are not only practical for skateboarders but have also become popular elements in streetwear fashion, demonstrating the brand's ability to bridge the gap between function and fashion.

Artwork and Creative Expression

Poetic Collective also aims to express its artistic side by offering paintings as part of their product line. These artworks reflect the brand's aesthetics and philosophy, offering a unique way for consumers to bring a piece of Poetic Collective's world into their homes.


Poetic Collective stands out in a crowded world of skateboard brands and streetwear through its unique intertwining of art, fashion, and skateboard culture. They offer a product line that is not only aesthetically appealing but also practical and functional, making them a sought-after brand for both skateboarders and fashion enthusiasts. With their ongoing innovation and commitment to creativity, Poetic Collective continues to shape and influence the streetwear scene.

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