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Poetic Collective Vertical T-shirt White 1
Poetic Collective Vertical T-shirt White 2

Vertical T-shirt

119,70 kr379 kr
Tee from Poetic Collective with print on front. 100% cotton.
Color: White
Vertical T-shirt
Vertical T-shirt

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Poetic Collective T-Shirt - Shine in Streetwear Style

Discover the latest trend in streetwear with this fantastic T-shirt from Poetic Collective. Made of 100% cotton and featuring a stylish print on the front, this T-shirt will give you the perfect combination of style and comfort. With its unique design, you will definitely attract all the attention you deserve.Not only is this T-shirt trendy, it is also incredibly comfortable. Made of high-quality cotton, it will give you a soft and pleasant feeling against the skin. Its breathability will keep you cool on hot summer days, while providing a comfortable feeling all day long. Whether you're out in the city or just relaxing at home, this T-shirt will be your best companion.Poetic Collective is known for its high quality and long-lasting clothes. Their dedication to detail and focus on quality make this T-shirt a reliable choice. You can be sure that it will maintain its shape and color even after many washes. Its 100% cotton material also makes it easy to maintain. You can easily machine wash it without worrying about it shrinking or fading. Perfect for a busy lifestyle when you don't have time for complicated laundry routines.Not only is this T-shirt trendy and comfortable, it is also an excellent way to express your personal style. Whether you prefer a casual or more dressy look, you can style this Tee in different ways for different occasions. Pair it with jeans and sneakers for a casual everyday look, or dress it up with chinos and shoes for a more formal style. With this T-shirt from Poetic Collective, the possibilities are endless.But it's not just the style and comfort that make this T-shirt unique. By choosing clothes from skilled designers like Poetic Collective, you can also make a conscious choice for the environment. The fashion industry has a big impact on our planet, but by choosing sustainable alternatives, we can reduce our environmental impact. With this T-shirt, you can be proud that you both look good and make a conscious choice.So why wait? Upgrade your wardrobe with this trendy and comfortable T-shirt from Poetic Collective. With its exclusive print and made of high-quality cotton, it is perfect for all fashion lovers who appreciate style and comfort. Order your own T-shirt today and experience the perfect combination of trend and quality.

Poetic Collective

Poetic Collective is more than just a skateboard brand

It's a distinct voice in the world of streetwear. They combine artistic vision with skateboarding to create a unique style that resonates well with today's fashion world.

A Fusion of Art and Fashion

At the core of Poetic Collective is a fusion of art and fashion manifested through their clothing line. Their range of streetwear includes hoodies, t-shirts, pants, and zip-hoodies designed to both express and inspire. Each garment is more than just clothing; it's a work of art, a part of the wearer's identity, and a tribute to the creativity in streetwear culture.

Innovative and Functional Garments

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Poetic Collective's clothing is known for its functionality and comfort. They understand the importance of clothing being durable and comfortable, especially in skateboarding culture where freedom of movement is crucial. Their streetwear is designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle while maintaining a high level of style.

Expanded Range for Skateboarders

In addition to clothing, Poetic Collective's range includes high-quality skateboards, grip tape, and unique accessories like balaclavas and slip overs. These products are not only practical for skateboarders but have also become popular elements in streetwear fashion, demonstrating the brand's ability to bridge the gap between function and fashion.

Artwork and Creative Expression

Poetic Collective also aims to express its artistic side by offering paintings as part of their product line. These artworks reflect the brand's aesthetics and philosophy, offering a unique way for consumers to bring a piece of Poetic Collective's world into their homes.


Poetic Collective stands out in a crowded world of skateboard brands and streetwear through its unique intertwining of art, fashion, and skateboard culture. They offer a product line that is not only aesthetically appealing but also practical and functional, making them a sought-after brand for both skateboarders and fashion enthusiasts. With their ongoing innovation and commitment to creativity, Poetic Collective continues to shape and influence the streetwear scene.

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