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Dance T-shirt

549 kr
6 oz heavyweight soft ringspun cotton. Modern classic fit tubular body. Screen printed graphic.
Color: Lilac

Product info

Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance: A Tribute to Dance and Style

Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance is designed for those with a passion for dance and expression through movement. Made of 6 oz heavy and soft ring-spun cotton, Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance offers an optimal combination of comfort and durability. The modern classic fit with a tubular body ensures a flattering silhouette for all body types. With its eye-catching graphics printed with high-quality screen printing technology, this purple T-shirt is more than just a garment - it is a work of art that reflects your passion for dance and creativity.

Features that Make Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance Unique

High-Quality Material: 6 oz heavy and soft ring-spun cotton provides a superior feel of comfort and durability.Modern Classic Fit: Tubular body that offers a flattering fit for all body types.Unique Graphics: Screen printed design that captures the essence of dance and movement, making Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance a perfect choice for dance enthusiasts.Color: A deep purple shade that adds a playful and creative touch to your wardrobe.

Why Choose Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance?

Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance is the perfect choice for those who want to express their love for dance and have a T-shirt that stands out from the crowd. Whether you're a dancer, an artist, or just someone who appreciates unique design, Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance will become a valuable part of your wardrobe. Its durable material and eye-catching design make it a long-lasting investment that you will appreciate for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Care for My Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt to Make It Last Longer?

To maintain the quality and design of your T-shirt, it is recommended to wash it in cold water and air dry. Turn it inside out to protect the screen print during washing.

Can Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance Be Used for Active Dance Training?

Yes, its high-quality cotton material and comfortable fit make Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance suitable for active dance training while keeping you comfortable and stylish.

Is the T-shirt Unisex?

The modern classic fit makes Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirt Dance suitable for everyone, making it a unisex garment that can be worn by anyone who appreciates its design and comfort.

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In addition to T-shirt Dance, Sci-Fi Fantasy offers a wide range of clothing and accessories that reflect the brand's unique view of fashion and creativity. Discover everything from sweatshirts and jackets to caps and accessories to complement your personal style.

Sci-Fi Fantasy brand image

Sci-Fi Fantasy - A Creation by Jerry Hsu

Sci-Fi Fantasy is a skateboard and streetwear brand that has become a significant player in the fashion world, all thanks to one man - pro-skater Jerry Hsu. Here, we will explore Sci-Fi Fantasy, its founder, and what makes this brand so unique and sought after within the skate and streetwear culture.

Jerry Hsu: A Skateboarding Icon

Before delving deeper into Sci-Fi Fantasy, let's take a closer look at Jerry Hsu, the man behind the brand. Jerry Hsu is one of skateboarding's most recognized and respected figures. He has spent decades on the skateboard and has contributed to the sport's development in many ways.

Pioneer in Skate Culture

Jerry Hsu began his skateboarding career in the 90s and quickly made a name for himself as a technical and creative skateboarder. He was one of the first to perform complex tricks and maneuvers that inspired an entire generation of skateboarders. His videos and competition performances made him a pioneer in skate culture.

Creation of Sci-Fi Fantasy

Over the years, Jerry Hsu developed a passion for art and design, and he began exploring new creative outlets. It was here that the idea of Sci-Fi Fantasy was born. Sci-Fi Fantasy is an extension of Hsu's own interests and aesthetics. The brand combines elements of science fiction and technology with minimalist design.

Minimalist and Cryptic Aesthetic

What truly sets Sci-Fi Fantasy apart is its minimalist and cryptic aesthetic. The brand is known for its simple yet striking graphic elements. These graphic elements often have a sci-fi or tech-inspired theme, reflecting Hsu's personal interests and fascination with the future and technology.

Quality Without Unnecessary Hype

Another aspect that makes Sci-Fi Fantasy unique is its commitment to offering high-quality products without unnecessary hype. Jerry Hsu has been clear that he does not want to create just a "hype brand." Instead, he focuses on creating clothing and skateboard products of the highest quality that actually enhance skateboarders' experience and give them tools to express their style.

A Rapidly Growing Cult Following

Despite being relatively new to the market, Sci-Fi Fantasy has quickly gained a loyal cult following. It is known within the skateboard and streetwear scenes for its unique aesthetic and its commitment to authenticity and quality. The brand's products range from skateboards to clothing items like t-shirts, caps, and hoodies, and they all bear the distinctive Sci-Fi Fantasy style.

Limited Edition Collections and Trendsetting Design

Sci-Fi Fantasy is known for its limited edition collections and trendsetting design. Each piece of clothing is a unique work of art, created with care and attention to detail. The brand prides itself on offering its customers something unique and special.

American Brand with Global Impact

While Sci-Fi Fantasy has its origins in the USA, it has quickly become a global phenomenon. Its impact extends far beyond borders and has made it a well-known name within streetwear and skateboard culture worldwide.


Sci-Fi Fantasy is a brand rooted in skateboard culture but has also taken the fashion world by storm. It is an expression of Jerry Hsu's passion for skateboarding, art, and design. With its minimalist and cryptic aesthetic, the brand has created a strong identity and gained a cult following. Sci-Fi Fantasy represents an authentic and high-quality approach to skateboard and streetwear fashion and is likely to continue being a significant player in the industry.

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