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Sour Solution Skateboard Snape – Greenwood 8.5" Multicolor 1
Sour Solution Skateboard Snape – Greenwood 8.5" Multicolor 2
Sour Solution Skateboard Snape – Greenwood 8.5" Multicolor 3

Skateboard Snape – Greenwood 8.5"

799 kr
Skateboard Snape – Greenwood 8.5" from Sour Solution is a Tom Snape pro model.Width: 8.25". Made In Spain. Top layer color may vary from picture. Free griptape included.
Color: Multicolor

Product info

Sour Solution

Sour Solution: Skateboard Company with a Unique Style

Sour Solution is a skateboard company known for its unique style and commitment to skateboard culture. Founded in Sweden with its base in Spain, Sour Solution has become one of the most respected and beloved skateboard brands in the industry.

Backpacks for Every Adventure

Sour Solution's backpacks combine practical design with robust materials, perfect for days at the skatepark or city life. With multiple compartments and a comfortable fit, they are ideal for carrying everything you need.

T-shirts with Unique Design

Their t-shirts are known for their high-quality cotton and unique prints. Perfect for expressing your personal style, these t-shirts are a staple in every skateboarder's wardrobe.

High-Quality Skateboards

Sour Solution offers skateboards that are both durable and stylish. With a range of sizes and design options, there is something for every riding style and preference.

Hoodies for Comfort and Style

Hoodies from Sour Solution are both comfortable and functional, with a style that works both on and off the skateboard. Made from soft materials that provide warmth and comfort.

Caps and Beanies for Every Occasion

Caps and beanies offer protection from weather elements and a touch of style. They are an essential accessory for anyone looking to combine functionality with fashion.

Shoes and Socks for Optimal Performance

Sour Solution's shoes and socks are designed to provide support and comfort during skateboarding. With high-quality materials and thoughtful design, they guarantee both durability and style.

Pants and Shorts for Flexibility and Mobility

Pants and shorts are created to provide maximum mobility and durability. They are perfect for skateboarding and offer a combination of function and style.

Jackets for All Weather

Jackets from Sour Solution are designed to withstand weather elements while keeping you stylish and trendy. With a focus on quality and design, these jackets are a must-have for every season.

Creativity and Unique Design

Sour Solution is known for its creative and unique skateboard designs. Their graphics and artwork on skateboard decks are often eye-catching and expressive, making them collector's items for skateboard enthusiasts.

Team Riders and Style

The brand also has a strong team of skateboard riders who represent its style and values. Their team riders are known for their technical skill and creative riding, contributing to building Sour Solution's reputation.

Community and Events

Sour Solution is committed to the skateboard community and supports various skateboarding events and competitions. They promote skateboard culture and encourage skateboarders to express themselves freely through their riding.

High-Quality Products

In addition to their unique decks, Sour Solution also offers a wide range of skateboard accessories and clothing. Their products are known for their quality and durability.

A Swedish Gem

Sour Solution originated in Sweden and has become a proud representative of the Swedish skateboarding scene. They have helped put Sweden on the skateboard map and inspired many young skateboarders.


Sour Solution is a skateboard brand that stands out with its creative design, strong team riders, and commitment to skateboard culture. With roots in Sweden, they have become an icon in the skateboarding world and continue to inspire skateboarders worldwide with their unique style.

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