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Check-5 Baggy Denim Pant

799 kr
Vans Check-5 Baggy Denim Pants offer a contemporary take on the timeless 5-pocket style. Constructed from heavyweight cotton denim, these pants showcase a baggy fit, 'Drop-V' embroidery, and a branded flag label at the cuffed hem. Featuring a 49.5 cm leg opening, they effortlessly blend durability with modern Vans style. Crafted entirely from 100% cotton for a robust build.
Color: Stonewash/Blue

Product info

Vans Check-5 Baggy Denim Pants - A Modern Twist on Classic Stonewash/Blue Denim

Vans Check-5 Baggy Denim Pants are a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic 5-pocket jeans. These pants are made of heavy cotton denim and offer a relaxed and baggy fit that is right on trend. With their unique combination of durability and modern Vans style, they are a must-have for every streetwear and skateboard enthusiast.

Timeless Design with Modern Details

Vans Check-5 Baggy Denim Pants combine the best of both worlds: the timeless 5-pocket design and a modern, relaxed style. The stonewash/blue color gives the pants a classic denim feel, while the 'Drop-V' embroidery and the branded flag label at the cuffed hem add a distinct Vans character.

High-Quality and Comfortable Material

Made of 100% cotton, these pants offer a sturdy and durable construction that is perfect for everyday wear and activities like skateboarding. The heavy cotton denim ensures that the pants maintain their shape and resist wear, while the baggy fit provides extra comfort and freedom of movement.

Perfect for Skateboarding and Streetwear

With a leg opening of 49.5 cm, Vans Check-5 Baggy Denim Pants are designed to provide a perfect balance of functionality and style. They are ideal for skateboarders who need freedom of movement, while also fitting perfectly into a modern streetwear look.

Easy to Match with Your Wardrobe

These pants are incredibly versatile and can easily be paired with a variety of tops and shoes. Pair them with a simple t-shirt and sneakers for a relaxed look, or dress them up with a stylish shirt for a more polished style.


Q: Is the material in Check-5 Baggy Denim Pants suitable for skateboarding?A: Yes, the heavy cotton denim is both durable and comfortable, making them ideal for skateboarding.Q: How do I care for my denim pants?A: Wash in cold water and air dry to preserve color and shape. Avoid strong detergents.Q: Do these pants fit different body types?A: Yes, the baggy fit is designed to be comfortable and suitable for a variety of body types.

Vans Off The Wall

Vans Shoes & Old Skool Apparel

The company Vans and Vans shoes

The company is best known for its Vans shoes targeting skaters, snowboarders, BMX riders, and other action sports enthusiasts, but its popularity has grown to encompass a much broader audience. Vans shoes are characterized by their robust design, comfortable fit, and iconic waffle-patterned sole, providing excellent grip and durability. Vans shoes are stylish and cool!

In addition to shoes, Vans also offers Old Skool streetwear clothing and accessories, including T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, backpacks, and caps. The brand has become a cultural icon within skate and surf culture, known for its authenticity and strong connections to youth culture and music. Vans has also become famous for its collaborations with artists, musicians, and other brands, resulting in unique and sought-after collections.

Vans also has a strong presence in events and sponsorship, especially through the Vans Warped Tour, a traveling music and sports festival that was active from the mid-1990s to 2019. Through these initiatives, Vans has reinforced its reputation as a brand that supports and promotes youth culture and creative expression.

Over the years, Vans has collaborated with a variety of brands, designers, and artists to create unique and limited editions of its shoes and clothing. These collaborations have been coveted and demonstrate Vans' ability to stay at the forefront of skate fashion and design.

A Lifestyle Brand

Vans has evolved into more than just a skate brand; it has become a lifestyle. Many people wear Vans products whether they skateboard or not. The brand represents a relaxed and creative lifestyle that appeals to a broad audience.

Global Presence

With sales and stores worldwide, Vans has become a global icon. Its shoes and clothing are equally popular in major cities as in smaller towns and have a universal appeal.

The Future of Vans

Vans continues to be a driving force within the skate world and youth culture. With its focus on innovation and creativity, the brand is likely to continue evolving and shaping the future of skate fashion and self-expression.


Vans is more than just a skateboard brand; it is a cultural icon and a lifestyle with its new school and old school shoes. With its heritage of creativity, innovation, and community engagement, Vans remains an integral part of youth culture and the skate world.

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