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Jeans Leroy Doone

1 099 kr
Leroy Doone jeans for men with five pocket and zip closure. Soft quality with cotton and recycled cotton. OURGANIC®. This style runs one size too small, we recommend to order one size larger.
  • Loose tapered
  • Color: Washed Blue

    Product info


    Woodbird: Danish Streetwear Melding Style and Sustainability

    Introduction to Woodbird

    Woodbird, established in 2010, is a Danish fashion brand known for its reinterpretation of classic styles infused with Scandinavian craftsmanship and Danish aesthetics. The brand emphasizes designing timeless modernity through a collection that spans the convergence of past, present, and future.

    Product Range and Design Philosophy

    Woodbird offers a diverse range of men's and women's streetwear, including jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear, and accessories. Their designs combine functionality with style, aiming to cater to everyday wear needs. With an emphasis on simplicity and functionality, Woodbird's pieces are designed to be versatile and easy to integrate into any wardrobe.

    Sustainability and Social Responsibility

    The brand is committed to social responsibility, as demonstrated through initiatives like the ‘Into The Blue’ collection, where part of the proceeds are donated to charity. However, the impact of these donations on the actual causes remains minimal compared to their total sales. Woodbird also attempts to integrate eco-friendly materials such as organic and recycled cotton into their collections, although there are challenges such as the lack of certification for the organic materials used.

    Innovative Practices in Manufacturing

    Woodbird is innovative in its manufacturing processes, notably in their denim collection. They use water-conservation processes and the Ozone washing method, which utilizes gas to bleach denim instead of water-intensive stone washing. This method is supplemented by technologies like laser and nano-bubble technology to reduce environmental impact.

    Fashion Philosophy and Market Position

    Staying true to its roots, Woodbird focuses on slow fashion, offering timeless designs that steer clear of fast-changing trends. This approach allows them to maintain a style that is "timeless with a twist," catering to both contemporary and classic fashion sensibilities. Despite their slower fashion cycle, the brand still engages in promotional activities, which slightly contradicts the slow fashion model.

    Challenges and Areas for Improvement

    Woodbird faces challenges in transparency and sustainability. There are concerns about the lack of detailed information regarding their production chain and the actual source and certification of their eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, the use of synthetic materials raises environmental concerns due to the potential release of microplastics.


    Woodbird stands out in the international fashion market by blending Scandinavian minimalist design with practical streetwear elements. While they have made strides towards incorporating sustainable practices, there is room for improvement in areas like material sourcing and production transparency. For those interested in a blend of modern design, functionality, and a nod towards sustainability, Woodbird offers a compelling choice.

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