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Welcome Oscar & Mandus Berg

We had a chat with brothers Oscar and Mandus Berg and welcomed them to our little family.

Photo: Oscar Berg, Mandus Berg

Oscar & Mandus Berg
Oscar & Mandus Berg

The following is an interview with skaters, artists and brothers Mandus & Oscar Berg

Can you tell us a about yourself? Who are you? About your artistry?

(Oscar Berg) I’m a skater, illustrator and artist. Mandus is a skater and musician. We live in Gothenburg and we are two brothers out of four siblings. We are the only ones that skate tho. 

Can you tell us about your journey into skateboarding, how did it start? 

Well, for me (Oscar) it started with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. I was 9 years old and my mom found the game on sale and got it for me (Thanks mama!). It was on PC and I never figured out the controls. But the intro was cool and that got me hyped on skateboarding. I was drawing a lot at the time and started drawing skateboarders in my school books. 

A classmate looked over my shoulder and asked “do you skate???” I never even thought that it was something I could actually try irl. And for some reason I answered “…yes”. So I just had to start. Mandus came along and got his own board a week after me and we’ve been skating together since then! He evolved much quicker than me. I was always kinda scared and anxious. He has always been paving the way by trying new things - so I could do it right after. Haha.

Skateboarding spots can vary greatly – from streets to skate parks to DIY spots. Could you describe an unusual or unexpected location where you've had an unforgettable skate session? Together with whom?
We’ve been to some of the iconic spots all over the world - and it’s always so fascinating to stand there with your arms folded and imagine all the history that’s been gone down there. Speaking for myself, I’ve never felt any bigger excitement when skating EPIC SPOTS. You gotta have that banger blood or do something super strange to feel satisfied, I think. 
Me and Mandus have our best times when we’re on a good mood and explore unexpected skateboarding places.
We had some killer sessions when we both was heart broken at the same time and just had to go outside to ease our minds.

What's your favourite skateboarding trick and why does it hold a special place for you?

Recently I’ve been a fan of powersliding. It’s a great way to look cool and nonchalant when you’re actually just scared and want to slow down. Mandus likes to do backside flips without a shirt on.

Mandus Berg
Mandus Gizmo

Skateboarding, music, film and art are often considered a form of self-expression. How has your personal style evolved over the years?
I’d say it started with punk. Heavily inspired by “Foundation - That’s Life” and “Baker 3”. We’ve explored many different eras…But right now, I’d say that we categorize us as… idk… silly but self confident? If that is a style? 

Best skateboarding movie or skateboarding game of all time, inspiring/style/skater? 
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 intro.


Beyond the physical aspects, skateboarding also involves a strong sense of      community. Can you share an experience that highlights the positive impact skateboarding has had on your social connections?
I’ve said this a thousand times, but skateboarding is kinda like how you act around others in the kindergarten. Where you could sit beside another kid in the sand box, have the best time of your life, and that’s that. You see each other and go play for a while. It’s such a beautiful and special friendship that’s hard to find anywhere else. 

Music and skateboarding have a long-standing connection. Are there any specific songs or artists that you find particularly inspiring or that get you in the right mindset for a great skateboarding session?
That differs by the minute and mood.  (Oscar Berg) I think the genres I often come back to are soul, funk and hectic videogame tracks. This summer it’s been mostly Rocky 4 soundtracks. 

Oscar Berg Dinosaur
Oscar Berg Dinosaur

Can you share some insights into your daily routine (art, skate, music etc)?

I draw a lot and Mandus study and play music. I think both of us use skateboarding as a break to rest our minds and move our artistic bootys. 

Your favourite movie and film director?

My latest double watch is “AIR” with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The duo that’s known for their masterpiece, which I’m pretty sure is Mandus favorite; “Good Will Hunting”. My favorite director is as controversial as liking pasta. It’s Mr. Spielberg of course. 

Tell us a little about your journey to Hawaii?

Hawaii was one of the most, if not the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. We couldn’t resist to stand where daddy Spielbergs once stood and witness some of the locations from Jurassic Park. 

Thanks for taking the time!

Mandus Berg
Oscar Berg
Oscar Berg